Spiced Beet Vinegar


Spiced Beet Vinegar is a  wonderful full bodied finishing vinegar infused with the sweetness of fresh roasted beets sourced from local farms and a medley of spices including bay leaf, all spice, whole cinnamon, cumin and orange peel. With it’s slightly thicker consistency it makes an elegant salad dressing and light glaze. Fantastic over a simple bibb lettuce salad with red onion, fresh orange and Feta cheese and over roasted red meats and roasted vegetables. This beet infused vinegar can be used as a shrub or drinking vinegar in cocktails and seltzer. A modern approach to traditional gourmet vinegars, our Spiced Beet Vinegar is a two time Specialty Food Association sofi™ Finalist Winning both Silver and Bronze for Outstanding Vinegar and the 2018 GOOD FOOD Awards Winner.

Not only is our Spiced Beet Vinegar delicious, it’s packed with all the nutrients you get from fresh beets and apple cider vinegar!  From aiding in liver detoxification to lowering blood pressure, beets and apple cider vinegar are both renowned superfoods.

Bottle Size: 250 mL

 Free of Gluten
Free of Additives & Colors

Slow Infusion
 Vegan Friendly

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